Money Saving Life Hacks

Money Saving Life Hacks That Work in Good Times and Bad.

It’s 2023 and everybody is feeling the pain of rising interest rates and roaring inflation. These money saving life hacks always work so you should always use them.  Why pay more for anything if you don’t have to? After all, a penny saved is a penny earned.

Shop at Costco

The number of different ways you can save money at Costco is almost silly.  Some locations sell gasoline at rock bottom prices, most have a tire center and all if them have a dirt cheap food court with seriously good food made fresh all day long.  After lunch (remember the old adage – never do grocery shopping on an empty stomach) pick up one of their legendary $6.99 rotisserie chickens, a buckrt of delicious chili for about 15 bucks, Keurig k cups for roughly 20-40 cents each (compared to the $1 per cup average at the supermarket) and seeing how much money you can save on every day necessities like laundry detergent, diapers and paper towels and TP becomes clearr.  Easy math. Easy money. As money saving life hacks go this is a no brainer.

DIY Haircuts

The average haircut is about $30 including tip.  You’ll save hundreds of dollars per year per dude needing a haircut when you buy the Wahl Color Pro Cordless Rechargeable Hair Clipper & Trimmer. I bought one when the pandemic hit and I’m glad I did. It almost paid for itself the first time I used it and I’ve been saving bundles of cash ever since.  

Money Saving Life Hacks

The Best Among All the Money Saving Life Hacks…

Cut The Cord

Among money saving life hacks this one is a beauty. A couple of years ago I got sick and tired of paying nearly $300 per month for cable TV, Internet and a telephone line with my local cable company. Have you taken a good look at your cable bill lately? Ttry not to get mad when you do.  Cable box monthly rental fees, channel lineup packages, premium channels like Showtime, and other gimmicks add up fast.  All said and done I switched Internet providers and started streaming all my TV.

I “downgraded” from the 500 mbps Internet access from the old company to a “mere” 100 mbps from the new Internet provider and I couldn’t tell the difference except for the sharp drop in my monthly Internet expense. Surfing the web, streaming Netflix and everything else worked exactly the same. I eliminated the phone line entirely in favor of my cell phone and ordered Hulu’s top of the line package. They give you an impressive channel lineup, all your local TV channels, a huge library of movies and shows AND they give you an unlimited capacity DVR.  OH AND ONE MORE THING –  they throw in ESPN and Disney+ at no extra charge.  For actual streaming I bought an AppleTV to replace each cable box.  They’re a little pricey but they pay for themselves in less than a year thanks to all the money saved on monthly cable box rental fees. If you want do it for less buy an Amazon Fire Stick.

If you want to save very serious amounts of money and don’t mind a narrow channel line up go old school with a  21st century TV antenna

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