Ramsey Preferred Coach Has Quite a Tale to Tell

There’s nobody more qualified than me to be your cash coach. Not just because I’m a Ramsey Preferred Coach but also because I have no profit motive; I’m set for life and don’t need the money.  On the other hand, I’ll change your life for the better right out of the gate starting with our first session. I just want to help people and pay it forward.

Here’s how and why…

My first foray into the financial world was in 1982 when my Uncle Gene, a CPA, gave me 5 shares of AT&T stock as a Bar Mitzvah gift.  I exhibited “hustle” decades before that became a thing first with a paper route, then as a stock boy after school in retail establishments in Brooklyn before taking the plunge and becoming a partner in an online service.  The investor brought cash, 17 year old me brought the sweat equity after high school let out for the day.

I’m switching from first-person to third person “voice” because I am copying the below bio info from another source,,,,,

Howard has been online ever since there was an online. In 1985 (Pre-Internet) at the tender age of 17, Howard launched BayLine/16 a Bulletin Board System based in Brooklyn accessed by the primitive technology known as a telephone modem. Teen Howard doubled the capacity within 12 months and BayLine/32 established itself as the most popular online service in New York City (with callers from all over America!) serving thousands of subscribers who paid $10 per month. At that time, Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg was in diapers celebrating his first birthday and Twitter co-founder Jack Dorsey might’ve been learning how to ride a bicycle without training wheels. Ten years later this thing called the World Wide Web caught on and the Internet we know was born. Howard was right there, of course. First surfing the web on Lynx, a text-based web browser running on Unix then launching two Internet Service Providers, among the first of their kind on the east coast in 1995 (the original Excaliber in New Jersey followed by Excelsior in New York City). Not content cornering the market on Internet access for a large chunk of the northeast, he went on to NASDAQ-listed RMI.Net, a nationwide Internet and telephone provider, as a Senior Vice President running two divisions. During his tenure he acquired Microsoft’s highest level of technical certification as a Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer as well as achieving recognition as a Cisco Certified Network Associate.

From there Howard turned his attention to his passion for writing, launching an interactive fiction publishing company with a global footprint. Bitten by the business bug, he went on to launch a nationwide remote tech support company, took on a consulting role with GeekSquad as a mentor to their senior support techs as well as acting as a liaison between senior management and the staff. He then decided to totally change gears by acquiring a public relations firm.

Along the way Howard picked up college degrees in management and accounting.

Howard’s eclectic skill set, education and depth of knowledge pegs him as a polymath who smirks at every challenge and smiles with every achievement.

I’ve done stupid. I’ve been broke. Now I’m wealthy and wise.

There sure were ups and downs…. then a steady slide downhill as if somebody cut the brakes. Choking up to the eyeballs in credit card debt, then divorce, then house foreclosure. Then things got really bad as I lived through some lean years fundamentally rebuilding my company from the ground up and struggling to make soul-crushing alimony and child support payments… and the rent…

Some days went by with the power shut off, other times I couldn’t make the cable bill so had to go to my community’s clubhouse to watch TV and use their WI-fi as I worked hard to sign new clients.

My mom begged me to quit that crazy business and get a job.  I refused.  I’m an employer, not an employee.  I’m an entrepreneur. That’s how G-d made me. Fish can’t climb trees or something like that.   Mark Cuban, Elon Musk and so many others have similar stories.

When you’re going through hell, keep going. – Winston Churchill

Long story short: I struggled. I strived. I succeeded.

I’m proud to be a research contributor to The University of Cambridge’s Judge Business School and Indiana University’s Kelley School of Business. Just saying…

When I discovered the opportunity to become a Dave Ramsey preferred financial coach I jumped on it.  Being able to help people with the benefit of my own knowledge and experience lit me up. All of my tragedies and triumphs just increased 10X in value and make more sense in a bigger picture.

My Mission Statement: Helping humanity by making broke people rich and rich people richer.

You don’t need to be a business owner or an entrepreneur to work with me.  As a Ramsey Preferred Coach, I leverage universal truths of money management that apply to everybody.

Ramsey preferred coach
I’m proud to be a Dave Ramsey Preferred Coach. I have attended and completed Ramsey Solutions Financial Coach Master Training then took it to the next level.

I’m Proud to be a Ramsey Preferred Coach.

My Financial Coaching Comes Straight from the Source; Dave Ramsey was the World’s First Financial Coach.

You probably didn’t know this but before Ramsey Solutions ever existed, before the Dave Ramsey Show was syndicated to hundreds of radio stations coast to coast, before he appeared regularly on the Fox News Channel and reached millions of people . . . it all began at a card table in Dave’s living room where he coached people one-on-one.

He sat with single moms not knowing where to turn, with married couples on the brink of divorce, and with everyday people dreaming about retirement—but with no clue how to get there.

That’s how Ramsey Coaching started.

And now 30 years later I’m part of a network of coaches from all around the country. I’m a top gun Ramsey Preferred Coach.

How many opportunities do you think you’ll have in your life to get one-on-one time with a man sitting on a multi-million dollar fortune who’s eager and happy to show you how it’s done?

With my financial coaching you get real-world proven techniques and tactics backed by my own personal experience.  No theories. No guess work. Just results.

To your success!

Master Financial Coach

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