Las Vegas Travel Tips

Las Vegas Travel Tips – For Las Vegas Tourists and Locals Alike

Everybody can benefit from Las Vegas travel tips – even if you live in Las Vegas or never plan on visiting Las Vegas. That’ because these money-saving travel tips easily translate to any trip anywhere, even the gambling guide you’ll find below. Take a dip or a deep dive and help yourself to whatever you need. For the best possible experience, read this article then do some research to get a good idea of costs.  If need be, make yourself a budget for this trip so that you end up paying for everything with cash via your debit card.  There’s no better feeling than enjoying  a paid-in-full vacation. Who can fully enjoy themselves with the specter of credit card bills you know are heading your way.  Credit cards debt pours cold water on everything.

Las Vegas Travel Tips in Order of Importance

  1.  Book your Airline & Hotel as early as you can. The further out you book the cheaper your travel.   Since airfare and lodging are the highest cost components of any trip, your biggest savings can be scored right here.  Most airlines and places to stay accept bookings up to a year in advance.  Rates are subject to supply and demand and other market forces that can ratchet up the cost of your vacation so book everything as soon as you can so lock in the best possible rates.  Pricing only goes up as time goes by.
  2. Rent a Scooter.  Here’s perhaps the most valuable of all the Las Vegas travel tips – rent a scooter.  A scooter will save you hours of time per day over walking up and down the Strip let alone making your way around the massive resorts themselves. You can take a scooter everywhere – except perhaps a nightclub – and at the end of the day you’ll be glad you did. You’ll save tons of money on Uber or Lyft rides from place to place not to mention again – time.  You could wait up to 30 minutes for each ride.  While I suggest you rake advantage of using a scooter all year around, you absolutely need one in the summer months when the temperature is normally 100+ degrees under the punishing sin city sun.  Put on a hat, grab some water and hop on your scooter for a day of fun in the sun.  As far as I’m concerned the only place to rent scooters is Red One Scooters. That’s because you get top notch service at competitive prices.  I speak from personal experience having used them twice within the past few months  – one of those times was a brutal August afternoon and Zack saved the day. Zack goes the extra mile in making sure every customer is totally satisfied, even with last-minute needs, stringent plans and all the rest.  las vegas travel tips
  3. Leave the fancy watch home.  A man wearing a pricey watch is a target; a soon-to-be criminal victim.  Here’s a step-by-step breakdown of this growing crime.
  4. Stay hydrated. Whether you’ve lived in Vegas for 10 years or are just passing through during the summer season, it is obvious that Vegas gets hot—triple-digit degrees for months. So if you’re a Las Vegas tourist, you might not know how important it is to stay hydrated in the Vegas heat and how easy it is to become dehydrated under the scorching desert sun. Here are several tried-and-true tips that can help you to stay cool, hydrated, and healthy. Avoid alcohol during the day as well as sugary drinks. Drink water all day and eat fruit at every meal. If you find yourself sweating a lot, salt your food  every chance you can to replenish that sodium. Southern Nevada overall has a very dry climate which makes hydration critical all year round – not just summer.
  5. Gambling.  Don’t.  I understand the allure of gambling in a world famous travel destination. I know, I know.  I’ve been there and done that. If you just can’t shake the urge here’s how to minimize the damage…

las vegas travel tips

If You’re Going to Gamble – Gamble Smart.

With millions of people visiting every year,  you can bet that 90% or more of them don’t know the first thing about gambling.  Having schmoozed and networked at blackjack tables for years let me tell you there is no easier way to lose more money faster than you can ever imagine than by gambling with neophytes, novices and/or knuckleheads.

It bears repeating that you should expect to lose every dollar you put at risk gambling.  I’d rather you spend money on an activity unique to the area like racing go-karts, an indoor skydiving experience, horseback riding, riding 4x4s on dusty desert trails and hills or go nuts with shopping or dining.  At the end of the day you might enjoy an unforgettable meal, an experience of a lifetime or just some very seriously cool swag and gear.  No mater what, you end up with something to show for your money.

Here are some quick gambling tips:

1) Have a daily budget and do NOT exceed it.  Be emotionally prepared to lose every dollar and chalk it up to entertainment. If you lose your daily budget DO NOT chase your losses.

2) Establish comfortable parameters; If you win X then walk away smiling. If you lose Y then cut your losses, go back to your room and watch TV.

3) Play with smart players and follow their advice to the letter.  They will be happy to help you because helping YOU is helping THEM.

4) Play at the highest minimum-bet tables you can afford.  A higher minimum bet is something of a moron filter.  Self-absorbed idiots will giggle at each $10 or $15 bet they play with little concern to the outcome but will take any given game far more seriously if the minimum bet is $25, $50, etc.

Remember – these Las Vegas travel tips are useful under almost any condition and any destination.  Just like me, the Las Vegas Financial Coach.  Everything I share with my clients on the topic of money, budgets, household finances, debt elimination, credit repair and all the rest. Like I always say; money is universal and so are the principles of making it, spending it and handling.  That’s why I can help clients with their financial coaching goals anywhere in the world.  Call me – 1-833-427-2121.

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